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The weight is over!

You did not fail your dieting...your diets failed you!

When I started my weight management program, I needed to lose 125 pounds to reach my desired weight. Take a journey with me and learn how I have lost 40+ pounds of pure fat! The skirt in the picture is a size 26/28. I am now a size 14/16. I haven't worn this size since I was 12 years old! I learned how I didn't fail at dieting- my diets failed me! I learned a system that stopped the yo-yo weight gain and increased my metabolism and fat loss potential- I have lost over 11 inches of belly fat! Join with me and discover a weight management system that can work for you!



Do you know any other "fatties like me?" Let me teach you how to start a weight management class in your home. Contact Charlotte Israel at 813 765-5418.

 If you live in the Town and Country area of Tampa- I am looking for cycling and walking partners.
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The weight is over! Do you need a coach, an exercise partner, a buddy? Give us your contact information. Look at our "Contact Us" page and choose a coach in your area or schedule an appointment with me, Charlotte Israel and I can make the referral for you.

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