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Vitamin D Awareness

A Community Project to Improve Health Today


Through Education, Testing and Feedback

Improving Health Status and Reducing Healthcare Costs



FACT: 40-70% of the world’s population is Vitamin D deficient


Sample medical conditions linked to Vitamin D deficiencies:


        Breast cancer:

                Women affected:                         1,900

                Average cost per case:                 $75,000

                Potential savings:                        $28,000,000


      Population affected:                 35,000

      Average cost per fall:              $10,000

      Potential savings:                    $74,000,000





          Pregnancies affected:     5000

          Average cost per case:   $50,000

          Potential savings:                           $126,000,000




Other Vitamin D-sensitive diseases include asthma, diabetes, colds, influenza, infections, and hypertension

Join the Vitamin D*action Community Project


What makes it work?


An ongoing feedback loop of:

·            Education

o    Outreach sessions will be held for participants on testing specific diseases and treatment topics.

o    Continuing education seminars are also held for healthcare professionals.


·            Testing

o    Testing Vitamin D levels is key to appropriate intake recommendations.  Test kits are available for purchase at participating sponsors or on GrassrootsHealth website. (All proceeds to GrassrootsHealth are used for the Community Research Project).  Everyone is encouraged to have his or her Vitamin D levels tested at least twice per year.  Test results are reported back to the individuals and practitioners for action.


·         Health Improvement and Cost Reduction

o    Public health actions will be prescribed for the local community based on demonstrated health outcomes from the information provided by the participants.

Back to Eden Health and Wellness Center is conducting seminars to educate local communities and health professionals on the implications of vitamin D deficiency and to provide information on how you or your organization can participate in this study through a local Vitamin D campaign in your area.  Contact Charlotte Israel at 813 765-5418 for more information or go to for more information on the D*Action initiative.

Grassrootshealth is a public health promotion organization dedicated to moving research into practice. 



To create your Community Project:


1.       Identify a Community Organizer/Initial Lead person


2.       Enroll Participants

o    Provide literature, education and test kits for participants


3.       Identify Sponsors to Help Provide Funding and Outreach.  Types of Sponsors include:

o    Education Program Sponsors

o    Business Sponsors to enroll employees, customers and community members

o    Retail Sponsors who will provide the locations for the testing and ongoing education

o    Advertising Sponsors to provide media advertising (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) to cover events and disseminate progress of the project

o    Medical Research Sponsors to provide studies

o    Individual Sponsors who want to help any aspect of the program


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