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The Consultants of don't just teach healthy lifestyles to private individuals and groups, we specialize in implementing the TLS Weightloss Solutions (Transitions Lifestyle System) into health professional offices and we're always looking for new coaches to expand our reach.

The Need

In 2009, Florida ranked 36th out of 50 on the United Health Foundation's "America's Health Ranking."  According to this ranking, Florida's obesity epidemic is not going away.  In 2009...

·         22% of Florida's Non-Hispanic White adult population are obese

·         36% of Florida's Non-Hispanic Black population are obese

·         27% of Florida's Hispanic population are obese

For Health Professionals

For Your Patients
If you are a physician or licensed health professional with patients or clients that could benefit from a safe, effective weight management program and lifestyle change, we encourage you to contact us. Clients on our program have not only dropped weight, body fat percentage and inches, but have also lowered both cholesterol levels and HgA1C. Transitions- TLS Weightloss Solutions is backed by a published clinical study. Wellness options are becoming ever more popular and patients are looking for them from people they trust -- their health professionals.

Ancillary Income
Our program is designed to create ancillary income for private medical practices and licensed health professionals. If your practice is looking for a way to help both your patients and your bottom line, contact us for a no obligation meeting to go over the financial figures. Questions? Let us know! We'd be happy to meet with you either on the phone or in person.

nutraMetrix Training

nutraMetrix Training is a 3 day intensive training that provides prospective Nutrametrix Consultants (NC's) with the tools necessary to help successfully implement nutraMetrix into health professional practices. NC training covers why health professionals need wellness programs, what to look for when choosing nutraceuticals, and detailed information on nutraMetrix products and services; including targeted health regimens, our new Elite Program, the Transitions® Lifestyle System, and much more. NCs will learn how to approach health professionals and help them achieve their business goals while improving the health of their patients.

For additional nutraMetrix questions, please email

For additional information on the nutraMetrix Educational Institute (nEI) courses for health professionals,
please visit


Certified TLS Weightloss Solutions Coaches

Becoming a Certified Transitions Lifestyle Coach is the best way to educate and prepare yourself to help lead others to a healthier lifestyle through the Transitions Lifestyle System.  Please contact us at (813) 765-5418 for more information on the requirements for coaching Transitions groups in your area. 


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