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The weight is over!


FATTIESLIKEME  will help you gain control of your health by gaining control of your weight.  Our program provides the opportunity to those who have struggled with other programs and have not had the success that they have been looking  for and/or the solution for maintaining the weightloss they worked so hard to attain. Our goal is to accomplish weight loss in order to alleviate anxiety and frustration over past failed attempts and rebound weight gain. We provide you with eating guidelines and teach you healthy habits and skills, which will in turn facilitate a lifetime of successful weight management, health and wellness. Our program includes:

  • Nutriceuticals which promote appetite suppression
  • Fat Loss Accelerators that stimulate lipolysis and reduce fat stores in the body
  • 7 day Full System Cleanse
  • One 14 day Meal Replacement Shake (will last 28 days if used as a snack)
  • Metabolic Testing (Tampa Bay Area only)
  • Consultation
  • Customized GI based Meal Programs
  • Support Materials and Videos
  • Exercise Guide
  • Complete Body Composition Analysis
  • Online Fitness Analysis
  • 30 day access to online support- provides meal plans, shopping list, recipes, etc.


Let FATTIESLIKEME  help you lose weight and keep it off.

Contact   your FATTIESLIKEME representative, Charlotte Israel at (813) 765-5418 to schedule your appointment.

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